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Soft Washing


What is Soft Washing?

- Soft Washing is the safest and only way recommended by asphalt shingle manufacturers to clean shingle roofs of moss and algae. Soft Washing relies on specially formulated solution, applied with low pressure, and "dwell time" to clean, as opposed to high pressure.


-DO NOT have your asphalt shingle roof pressure washed! Using any amount of high pressure on your roof will shorten the life of the roof at best AND potentially cause severe damage to your shingles and/or property at worst.


-In our experience, any pressure above garden hose pressure can remove small amounts of roofing material, leading to a shorter roof lifespan. Our Soft Washing solution is applied at around 60psi which is in garden hose pressure range. Pressure washers use 1200-5000+ psi!


-Pressure washing does NOT kill moss at it's root system, which leads to faster regrowth.


-Soft Washing will safely remove 90-100% of the growth from your roof typically within 4 months after service AND it kills growth at the roots, inhibiting new growth for far longer than pressure washing or other manual removal.

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